Poems for 1912 S. Orange Ave, FL
Ceramic, Ink, Paper, PVC

contact: info@charleslin.studio 

Etudes for November, Op. 16 
+ Series of visual scores for performance from experimental music notation
+ Explorations of shape, color, text interpreted through space, duration, sound


Typeplay 3: Paraiso

I.   Sequential pages designed in response to twenty piano pieces 
II.  Compositions & improvisations in response from a contemporary composer 
III. 15-minute video premiered through a live broadcasted event 

T. Adam Barnett, Alessandro Stella, Ben Schwartz, Bryan Chu, Dana Kim, Duy Dao, Eddie Bong, Elbert Tiao, Gatz Choi, Ibrahim Al-Thawadi, Jess Zhang, Jimena Gamio, Jon Nishida, Jonny Woods, Karlo Francisco, Marylouise McGraw, Mel Tandiono, Nohemy Ramos, Sera Lee, Tais Bishop, Thomas Choi

Sonata for Asphalt, VI - X 
Ink, Graphite, Pencil, Marker, Tape, Wax

SCI-Arc Master of Architecture, M.Arch 1 Thesis
+ Visual translation of architect Spencer Daly’s notebooks from SCI-Arc  

+ Dialogue centered around memory, layers, collections, archival

click here for curriculum vitae

PERFORMA Biennial Identity 
+ Proposed new brand identity system for biennial NYC based performance art festival 
+ Vernacular of performance through play, volume, structure, activation, topography

57th Annual Franz Liszt Festival

+ Concept and visual identity for a proposed annual Franz Liszt Festival
+ Visual interpretations of the sonic qualities from Liszt’s Mephisto Waltzes

REDCAT Theater Fall Season
+ Poster interpretations of each of the thirty-three different performance events
+ Primary emphasis on conveying atmosphere, tone, and theme

current mfa candidate, cranbrook

HAPPENINGS Encyclopedia — Selected Spreads
+ Artbook-encyclopedia detailing the historical underpinnings of the Happenings
+ Curation of content based on introductory essay by Michael Kirby

Meditation I & II
Ink, Graphite, Colored Pencil, Gesso, Acrylic

The Breuer Museum Identity
+ Proposed new brand identity system for museum; utilization of logo as modular container
+ Emphasis on translation of architecture, high formal impact in dense urban environment, and clarity of communication


Typeplay 1: Agamemnon

I.   Posters in response to monologues from Agamemnon
II.  Devised performances in response to the posters 
III. Site-specific event at the 3rd Floor of an empty office building

Austin Redman, Ben Carr, Ben Schwartz, Bryan Chu, Brian You, Cameron Stewart, Dana Kim, Eddie Bong, Erica Smith, Gatz Choi, Janya Menges, Jena Myung, Jessica Zhang, Jimena Gamio, Jon Nishida, Jonathan Woods, Joshua Greenfield, Joyce Ha, Karlo Francisco, Kevin Liangcy, Marylouise McGraw, Melia Tandiono, Miranda LeRae, Neil Torrefiel, Nohemy Ramos, Ottmar De Anda, Patrick Slack, Rei Watanabe, Schafer Bourne, Sera Lee, Stevie Guiol, Tais Bishop, Thomas Choi, Tierney Michon

werkhaus9 Recruitment Campaign
+ Recruitment posters for proposed design-based fellowship focused on creating future workplaces
+ Customizable color system targeted to different, specific geographic locations  

A is for Bodytypes
+ Utilizing physical-based theater movement to better understand nuances of typographic character
+ Emphasis on parallel relationships of typographic voice in letterform design through form and body

Festival of Happenings
+ Poster design for proposed city-wide festival celebrating the legacy of the Happenings
+ Focus on capturing the experience and performative simultaneity of a happening through composition

Typeplay2: Summer Vignettes

I.   Three poems from Mary Oliver for graphic designers and performers 
II.  Three monologues and three posters in response, creation of devised performances
III. Site-specific event at a private residence 

Erica Smith, Jimena Gamio, Marylouise McGraw, Miranda LeRae, Stevie Guiol, Tierney Michon

Hauser & Wirth // Happenings